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List of production results of lavor saving system and production system
Overall development power in response to company needs

Something related to examinatie and test equipment

Name Device contents / Main specifications
Board tester fixture Fixture in order to check (Board tester), the non-defective goods/the inferior goods of the mounted baseplate.
Bench for baseplate test The baseplate is set to the same series as the apparatus, the defective baseplate is checked.
PI controller The device which produces the voltage where it selects the frequency which it occurs inside this device, calculates that frequency, is proportionate.
Absorbing oil ratio measurement equipment Controlling all sizes of the wave and water temperature inside the tank , it makes the simulated sea surface, it measures the absorbing oil ratio of the polyurethane foam which raised to the water surface.

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Something related to broadcast equipment

Name Device contents / Main specifications
Oscillator trouble detector Those which trouble inspection of the oscillator of the large electrical broadcast machine it does, changes automatically. ( used the sequencer )
Broadcast supervisory interface board The interface board in order to do the control which informs about broadcast trouble.
Switcher for image and sound Changing input 6 system, the device which it outputs, changes image and sound simultaneously at the time of inputting the monitor and the video recording.

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