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List of production results of lavor saving system and production system
Overall development power in response to company needs

Something related to illuminant and copier equipment

Name Device contents / Main specifications
Exposure to light drum conveyor Conveyor of exposure to light drum of copier.
Exposure to light drum electric potential survey instrument Electric potential inspection machine of exposure to light drum (copier) . In other things, also the small model inspection machine of the automatic supply(3 axial robot) attaching is possible.
Surface wobble major diameter measurement equipment Surface wobble and major diameter of the top , the center and the subordinate position of the drum for the copier it is the measurement machine.

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Something related to processed and welding equipment

Name Device contents / Main specifications
Basis gluing device It positions the element and the baseplate of the portable telephone instantaneously making use of image processing technology, glues automatically with the cream solder. Supply, positioning, cream solder gluing and the work removal of the element and the baseplate everything it drives automatically.
Adjustment supporting structure tap device The device which it is supplied to the part feeder the heavy-load adjustment supporting structure lines up, automatically cuts the tap. Ability: 3 seconds/quantity.
Tap machine: 2 axial head (made by SUGINO)
In addition: Cutting lubricant automatic spraying

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Something related to electric appliance assembling equipment

Name Device contents / Main specifications
Heater wire automatic wiring device On the felt for the electric carpet, the device which while in stipulated pattern melting the felt at the heater, makes the heater wire deposit.
Humidifier relaxation automatic insertion device The humidifier filter (straw condition) it inserts 1 steps each. 27 line x 45 steps (5.6d~195L) this line machine. Using the servo-motor for top and bottom mechanism.
Bar-code printing division of labor device Attachment of measurement and counter. Collecting the printing data, the device remembers, prints that data in the stationary of card condition.
Pinch formation device The heat exchanger of the cooler (the cooling fin) the pinch machine in order to make the reducer of the copper pipe section unnecessary. Pinch pattern differs depending upon the work No. Adjusting to the line, several units it has produced.

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