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Design and production of automation or labor-saving machinery
I introduce technology to improve by production efficiency.

Storage and Fold
Technique - use the following technology -
Folding Three-dimensional storage
FoldingBreak cloth in a designated procedure , Fix a pleats of a curtain and fold , turn down the edge of a film on the panel.Automatic machine operates precisely and carefully. Three-dimensional storageKeep a bulky or heavy products such as a roll of cloth or a container box three-dimensionally.
Transportation Other
TransportationControl belt conveyor , roller conveyer and robot arm , move and install product in a designated place. OtherWith a lot of core technology, multidirectional development is possible. For example 'fold a sewing product' , 'I transport cutting thing' and so on.

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Object - equivalent to the following materials -
Sheet Three-dimensional object
Plastic sheet
Cushion floor
Tatami surface sheet
Plastic film
Three-dimensional objectAir bag
Paper sack
Resin molding materials
Clothing case
Container bag
Cloth Other
Tatami edge tape
Cloth tape
Curtain cloth
Roll carpet
Outfitting cloth
OtherBlock of glue
drawing molded article

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The main production results
Product name Comment
Air bag folding device Fold an air bag for cars to size to be in a storing case.
Automatic three-dimensional warehouse It is the warehouse which can receive roll cloth three-dimensionally.
Bag packing device It is the device which wraps the shopping bag which bundled up in kraft paper.
Distortion correction device Correct a heat distortion of an injection molding pipe and put it in a box.
PackingDistortion renomalfin removal
Wallpaper materials warehouse Receive wall paper three-dimensionally and measure length and can take it out.
StorageMeadure and WinfUp
count a tissue and encase machine On duty in a box after counting the number of tissues.

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