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Design and production of automation or labor-saving machinery
We always perform the development of products that adopted the latest technology.

Technique - use the following technology -
The measurement of length The measurement of weight
The measurement of lengthMeasure length and distance between two points digitally using "linear encoder" , "semiconductor laser" , "roller and rotary encoder " , "supersonic wave" . The measurement of weightMeasure weight precisely with a road cell which convert a small distortion into an electrical signal.
The measurement of area The measurement of volume
The measurement of areaPass an object between optics elements of a pair , calculate information of the element that light was shut out and measure an area of complicated shape. The measurement of volumePass a granule in the cylinder which can change at a capacity precisely and measure quantity same as a cylinder capacity.
The measurement of dirt The measurement of a skewness
The measurement of dirtMeasure a change of reflectance with an optical sensor and evaluate a dirt and express it. The measurement of a skewnessWith a micrometer head and an optical sensor, measure whit displacement.
The measurement of shape The measurement of data
The measurement of shapeBy measuring polar coordinates value of constitution point of each side constituting a plane , measure two-dimensional shape such as floor shape. The measurement of dataConvert various physics data such as temperature, speed, an electric current, the voltage, the driving situation or an operating time of a machine into an electrical signal and collect it.

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The main production results
Product name Comment
Area measuring instrument Measure an area of seat material of complicated shape such as hides or cloth
aria measurementNumerical processing
Plane shape measuring instrument Measure shape of a room and operate dimensions to produce tatami mats.
shape measurementdistance measurementNumerical processing
Carpet checkers Display a dirt of a carpet in comparison with a standard.
Dirt measurementNumerical processing
Meter of a powder body Measure and extract granule in Hopper
volume measurementextraction
Inverter checkers Inspect an inverter control base of a fluorescent lamp automatically.
Data handlingNumerical processing
Plant data collection tool Connected to work machinery and add up the various operation results.
Data handling
Liquid crystal panel tester Inspect glass substrate constituting liquid crystal panel

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