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Design and production of automation or labor-saving machinery
I challenge sewing of new material overturning common sense.

Sew and stitch
Technique - use the following technology -
single chain stitch double chain stitch
single chain stitch double chain stitch
It is a seam consisting of only one upper thread.At the back side of cloth,a loop of a needle thread follows like the chain which continued. It is suitable for consecutive sewing. It is the sewing method that is a looper intersects an upper thread.
Even if a thread is cut, it is hard to come loose,because a lower thread crosses with a double with an upper thread
lock stitch interlock stitch
lock stitch interlock stitch
It is a method used by a general sewing machine.There is characteristic "The front and back of a seam are the same", and "constitution is independent every seam".There is a limit for consecutive sewing because use a lower thread. A method of a seam surrounding an edge of a piece of cloth.It is used for the purpose of sewing an edge mainly.

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Object - equivalent to the following materials -
Cloth Laminating sheet, panel
Plastic seat
Laminating sheet, panelStyrene board
Rice straw
Mattress of a bed
Three-dimensional sewing Special material
Three-dimensional sewing„wallet
Tatami mat
Container bag
Air filter
Special material„ceramic cotton
Carbon fiber wire
Glass wool
Wire netting
Copper wire

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The main production results
Product name Comment
Air filter sewing device Put a seat made by glass wool,and sew it in the shape of a bag to take an interval.
single chain stitchtwelve needlePasting by applicationcut length
Special sewing machine It is a special sewing machine sewing core mat for chemical wires.
lock stitchfourteen neeldeMeasurement
Many functions filter sewing machine It is a sewing machine to sew a lawn sheet to use for soil conservation.
double chain stitchtwentyfour needle
Zephyrmat sewing machine It is a device to seam the bark which was piled up in the shape of a seat.
double chain stitchSix needlecut length
Car sheet sewing machine It is a self-run-type sewing machine to sew a car sheet.
Highly precise 'straight line sewing' is possible.
lock stitchSingle needle
Tatami mat core sewing machine It is a device that laminating of a styrene board, and to seam together.
single chain stitchtwentyfour needlecut length
Automatic tape sewing machine It is the automatic sewing machine that thread through edges such as a wallet or an accessory case.
lock stitchtwo needlework control
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