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As a pioneer of labor saving machinery

Activities -Interior Section-

Automatic Wallpaper Pasting Machine Kyokuto that is always ahead of the time, adequately understands transition of lifestyle, and has offered excellent commodity suitable for user needs promptly.
Interior Catalog Volume10A lot of new commodities are developed by the inherent technology after the first wallpaper automatic pasting machine in the world is developed in 1971, and the market is expanded to the interior supply shop across the country. The union catalog of interior commodities was begun in 1983(the revised edition is published every two years since then).

JapantexThe delivery center is constructed in 1988, an automatic order and the picking system that connects each office and online are introduced, steadily it built the position as the comprehensive manufacturer of the interior construction labor saving machine, the tool, and the sub-materials.

Moreover, a unique curtain sewing system is developed, and the curtain model factory that proposes the system to the customer as "Moving catalog" is constructed voluntarily in 1988. Those who come reach 200 people or more a year, and achieve a lot of introduction results. However, a lot of new commodities every year are exhibited to JAPANTEX(present Interior Trend Show) that Nippon Interior Fabrics Association sponsors. curtain model factoryIn 1993, Nippon Interior Fabrics Association is admitted the regular member joining for the first time as a machine manufacturer, and the evaluations as the authority of the industry and ' Kyokuto of the technology' are immovable.

Both attractive commodities with the originality are offered more promptly and the customers are pleased with complete after-sales service so that it works positively for the creation of a rich living space in the future.

The main select line
  • The interior construction labor saving equipment such as wallpaper pasting machine, paste stir supply machines, and patty kneading machines
  • The interior construction sub-materials such as adhesive for wallpaper construction and paint patties
  • The interior construction tools such as spatulas, tapes and retractable knives
  • Floor construction labor saving equipment and floor construction tool and sub-materials
  • Curtain needlework, processing equipment, and work tool and sub-materials
  • Sliding door construction labor saving equipment and construction tool and sub-materials
  • Other, various interior related products
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Activities -Tatami Section-

Tatami Sewing Sysyem Strategy on management side and technological side for prosperity of tatami industry and total proposal of knowhow and commodity.This is a basic policy that the mat business section of Kyokuto has consistently advanced until the present age after the establishment of the company in 1948.

An epoch-making automatic computational tatami manufacturing system was developed by combining the great fund of experience and the latest mechatronics technology in 1981, and one large reformation was brought to the tatami manufacturing. The tatami shops that introduced the systemTatami Catalog are doing center roles in various places by expanding the work contents by modern management and forming the network where Kyokuto was made a nucleus. The Tatami General Catalogue for the shop in the tatami was issued in 1985(the third collection was issued in 2000), Autosntore and the fully-automatic the angle stop machine were developed next, and the automation of all processes of the tatami manufacturing from measuring the size to cutting with allocation, anchoring, and the angle which is sewn and stopping were completed for the first time in the industry.

business seminar Furthermore, the tatami production system epoch-making "Super-mini line (the 24th Sekiya invention service prize winning in April, 1999)" that achieves "modernize of production and strengthen of the business power" is put on the market in 1996, and it is proposing "Structural reform to the shop in the tatami" by holding about the seminar etc. for the mat industry activation in 1997. The structural reform is executed to the shop in the tatami in about 200 shops (As of June, 2006), and it is working on the expansion of the work contents enthusiastically so far.

The main select line
  • Tatami floor manufacturing machines such as tatami-mat making machuines and chemical floor needlework machines
  • Tatami anchoring machines such as cutting-sewn machines, tatami matting sewing machines, and returns-sews machines
  • Tatami manufacturing relation measurement equipment such as room sizers and tatami sizers
  • Tatami manufacturing assistance machines such as tatami matting bending machines and tatami matting brushing devices
  • Tatami sub-materials such as back seats and return tapes
  • Tatami manufacturing tools such as retractable knife, kitchen knives, folding scale for measuring the size
  • Other, various tatami manufacturing and sales related products
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Activities -Computer Section-

IBM Business Partner Kyokuto recognizes "'Informationization" in Enterprise Management ,that is, the effectiveness of the computer from early time, and has done a drastic investment of Information Instruments for the business reformation of its company.

It becomes the secondary dealership of IBM in 1985, it becomes the primary dealership in 1986, and it adopts a serious stance the modernization business and rationalization of management by the computer in related industry and Nishiharima region. For the tatami industry, please use the system development with the tatami cutting with allocation that connects the tatami manufacturing machine and the personal computer at online in concert with the clerical work management software in the tatami shop in nationwide various places. For the interior industry, the personal computer package software proprietary for the industry such as the estimate cost management and retail management is developed, sold, and it contributes to the modernization of the industry. Development and sales of the office computer for the rationalizations of business management and production management, etc. are executed to the Nishiharima region. The consulting activity including not only sales of the computer but also the proposals for the management improvement is developed, and high trust from the industry enterprise is obtained.

Tatami Layout System 'DAIKOKUTEN' Moreover in 2000, "though the business power for a general consumer is vigorous, contact with the tatami shops are few." between remodeling contractor and the tatami shops that introduced the computational tatami manufacturing system, our company constructs the information network that make the most use of Internet. It aims at the expansion of the tatami market scale and the activation of the industry by be stimulating latent demand for tatami matting. (We applied for the business model patent.)

The main select line
  • Integrated application server such as IBM xSeries/iSeries
  • Personal computer of Lenovo Co.
  • Sales for the interior and tatami industry, cost management, and business helper application
  • Production management support system˘CAMCS£
  • Home security system for household use
  • Other, various computer related products and peripherals
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Activities -Japan living Section-

Tatami Items Catalog While pursue the diversification and the sophistication of the lifestyle and the business style, and the person wants to scale up more the functionality and the comfort of each space such as 'Work', 'Rest', and 'Enjoy'. Kyokuto has worked on the product development and sales for a general consumer in compliance with such needs since 1985.

Japanese-style mat By making full use of a past tatami processing technology, starting with development of epoch-making assembly type Japanese style mat which corresponded to westernization of Housing, functional various mats such as nursing-care tatami and that considered for environment are developed and original routes ware developed and sells, and it increases the sale of various business tatami such as reversible tatami of tatami and carpet and separate tatami can be easily change of tatami on the hotel and Japanese-style hotel. Thus, we pleased with a unique high-value-added commodity that breaks the common sense of the tatami industry offered to user.

Tyle style tatami In recent years, to be sold cloth partition that uses partition manufacturing device voluntarily developed and puts up wallpapers and the tile tatami where site construction is as possible as tile carpet around the interior route, and it is useful very much for comfort of business space, improvement of functionality, expansion of commodity of interior construction shop and strengthening the commodity proposal power.

The main select line
  • Locating tatami such as locating tatami for Western-style room and high-floored unit tatami
  • Interior tatami commodities such as borderless tatami and healthy Japanese paper tatami
  • Functionality tatami commodities such as judo tatami, heating tatami, and washable tatami
  • Special tatami commodities such as reversible tatami and tile tatami
  • Other, various tatami commodities and Japanese-style small commodities
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Activities -Food equipment Section-

Food machinery catalog By having always the awareness of the issues, the information exchange with various industries and receiving stimulation from others, and Tatsunohaitec cooperative was established with 12 local businesses the under of belief to generate ideas in 1988. We succeeded in the development of the Japanese vermicelli that are regional goodies, automatic noodle boil robot that aimed at increasing the sale of thin soy sauce, and the robot that supplies putting out by automatic operation. By the rationalization of the work of the workman is assumed to be a basic concept for years, and abundant our company of results of nationwide sales of a special equipment comes to take charge of making to the business. The food equipment business is begun in 1991, and it made a full-fledged start development and sales of the food equipment.

dispenser of desktop style It makes a presentation positively to various exhibitions, and the timely commodity concept came to attract the attention of the fast food service industry field. Cooperation and cooperation with the industry enterprise that does the chain expansion on a nationwide scale are advanced well now, and our equipments have been introduced into Tokyo Disney SEA, the restaurant of large-scale resort such as USJ and the major jiao-zi multiple store, etc.

High frequency thawing machine Sales of the high frequency thawing devices and rapid-freeze devices began in April, 2003. The feature that is ruining neither food freshness nor delicious in which freezing and thawing can be done wins the support of a lot of fisheries and the meat processors.

Kyokuto have piled results as the food business planner who achieves the rationalization of the kitchen, and will have expanded the world of the business with an unlimited possibility from the living space to the food space in the future.

The main select line
  • Soup dispensers such as soup determination extraction machines and miso soup determination extraction machines
  • Electrification kitchen equipments such as electrical jiao-zi cooking machines, electric octopus balls cooking machines and noodle boiling machines
  • Kitchen labor saving equipment such as noodle drainer machines and soup transportation pumps
  • The food processing equipments such as the high frequency thawing devices and rapid-freeze devices
  • Other, various kitchen instruments
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Activities -Special industrial equipment Section-

Traditional special equipment division, the electronic equipment division, and a industrial equipment selection catalogpart of computer division were integrated and started in October, 1993, the good technique that has been cultivated for many years is made use of and a new field is developed, as well to accomplish a further leap as a futurism enterprise that promptly catches the trend of the society, economy, and industry. It has contributed to various industries around local businesses while has exercised to its maximum experiences and abilities of individual staffers in each district before by a special equipment, an electronic equipment, a computer, and an extremely wide-ranging, adequate consulting activity.

It got remodeled as a special industrial equipment business sector in January, 1999.The element technology such as "Sewing", "Cutting", "Pasting", and "Measuring" has accumulated our company since the institution's formation, and the machines of special industrial by user's request are developed, manufactured, and is received well to supply OEM of the industrial machine.

clean room " The precision machine assembly plant " is completed in the foot in the Nishiharima technopolis in April, 2004. It works on the design, manufacturing, and the assembly of the large-scale, precise device related to the liquid crystal panel manufacturing at this factory of eight ISO class corresponding that is clean room.

Liquid crystal panel production-related facilities Moreover, it aims at a unique partner over deal in software and hardware of the enterprise related to the Nishiharima technopolis that makes large-scale synchrotron radiation facilities nucleus by proposing the commodity that makes the best use of know-how in an advanced electronics field. In addition, the development of the production management rationalization software by the office computer, labor saving of production site through microcomputer's making to FA, labor saving of production site through microcomputer's making to FA, automation and management rationalization is pursued.

The main select line Design and manufacturing of various labor saving equipment that is based on core technology such as "Sewing", "Cutting", "Measuring", and "Pasting"
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Activities -Photovoltaic Power Generation Section-

As the enterprise that keeps up the work as a concept for "realization of a rich living space", the approach on global environmental concerns is in future important problems. On the earth, environment problems such as abnormal weather problem and resource depletion problem have growing into every day.

Solar electric generation system So, to do further advance as "Comfortable global environment creation enterprise", we have been proposing safety, relief, and clean life by the solar power generating system and all electrification as a special agent in Sharp Ltd. that is solar battery production world No.1 in October, 2004.

Local coherenceAs a catchphrase "The photovoltaic generation from Nishiharima to the world", solar electric generation system division achieved contracts of 120 in the three months from the inauguration. Furthermore we are getting the voice of the pleasure with economical and comfortable lifestyles one after another in the saving of the utility bill of the home by solar electric generation and all electrification.

hold an event"The Solar light and all electrification festival" of the first time was held in July, 2005, which enjoyed popularity among everybody of the surrounding areas. Kyokuto will have been doing the community-based environmental improvement proposal in the future.

The main select line
  • Domestic photovoltaic generation system for Sharp, "SUNVISTA"
  • All electrification commodities such as "ECO CUTE" and "IH cooking heater"
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