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Fuse with traditional technology and advanced technology


Our company is working Labor saving and automation of the work that the workman has done by the hand is assumed to be corporate theme "Rich the living space making and Comfortable working environments making".
Be transposed the craftsmanship of the tatami industry, the interior industry, and the food equipment industry to the various machines that make full use of a new technology, and uniting examples of traditional craftsmanship and the high technology is aimed at.

Our history is practice of three concepts, and it has advanced the interior industry, the food equipment industry, and diversification that is a related field as Tatami machine manufacturer from the day of establishment have been advanced. Moreover, it has come to advance the development of an original machine that makes good use of the mechatronics technology and the electronics technology, and to work on soft development and sales of the computer. The product with which the customer can be pleased is offered, the industry modernizes, and it aims at the contribution to the industrial world and the society furthermore.
  • Interior Section

    The first wallpaper automatic pasting machine in the world was developed in response to the westernization of the house, and it entered the interior sector. Since then, the labor-saver of the work that the interior workman has been carried out by hand is developed one after another. It works on development and sales of the curtain needlework system that completely changes the idea of a past needlework sewing machine recently. Moreover, The interior-related tool and sub-materials are handled, the union catalog of interior goods regularly is published, and the position as the comprehensive manufacturer of the interior-related equipment is built.

  • 'Tatami' Section

    In the business sector since our establishment, the Tatami manufacturing system for the Tatami shop is manufactured and sold. The machine is delivered to the shop in Tatami across-the-country with a focus on the computer automatic manufacturing system that interface with a computer and a tatami manufacturing machine.
    Moreover, revitalization and the modernization of the industry are promoted through the consulting activity on a management side, an information side, and a technological side to the shop in Tatami.

  • Computer Section

    In the tatami industry and the interior industry, the package software only for the industry is developed, and it offers it to the customer at the same time as a hard computer. It takes pride in a top share as a computer system only for the industry. Moreover, the construction of management and the production management system is helped for the enterprise in our headquarters address Nishiharima region.
    We are an IBM Japan business partner, NTT West corporation and NTT communications sales agency.

  • 'Japanliving' Section

    Epoch-making Novelty item that breaks the common sense of the industry such as a separating type tatami, a Japanese style tatami, business tatami, and the wallpaper sticking type partitions is developed, and the market has been always taken in advance. We get on with the job of selling these commodities with an original commencing with the mail order route develops.

  • Food Equipment Section

    In the business sector that came into existence from cooperation between various industries in the region, the business was started by developing the Japanese vermicelli that are regional goodies, automatic noodle boil robot that aimed at increasing the sale of thin soy sauce, and the robot that supplies putting out by automatic operation. Various food equipment such as the device that supplies ramen and noodle putting out, the device that supplies coffee, and the robots that make octopus balls is developed, and full-fledged business is aimed at since then.

  • Special Industrial Equipment Section

    The element technology such as "Sew", "Cut", "Paste", and "Measure" has accumulated our company since the institution's formation, and the machines of special industrial by user's request are developed, manufactured, and sold. The know-how of our each operating division, the research and development sector, and the processing sector are concentrated, and it undertakes the system development and manufacturing of industrial machines.

  • Photovoltaic Power Generation Section

    The global environment such as the increase of the demand for energy, the dryness of the fuel, and global warming accomplish big changes. We will help the introduction of the residential photovoltaic generation system that clean energy "Solar energy" of the 21st century that enriches our living have been is used in these times.
    We are dealership of "SUNVISTA" photovoltaic generation system for Sharp.

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Develop and Manufacture

  • Research and Development Headquarters

    "The product that reflects customer's needs is promptly developed" put up the slogan, and the product with which the originality overflows being invented as a pioneer of a useful labor saving equipment for the living space.

  • Production Headquarters

    The product of the quality in which the customer can be satisfied at any time is manufactured by uniting advanced processing equipment and a skilled technology.

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