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We continue offering the labor-saving machinery which was ahead of the times


October, 1948. Tatsuno gear factory Ltd.. was established by the capital 200,000 yen.
April, 1963. Tatami-mat making machine "Harima" was developed and sold.
February, 1966. The name of the company was renewed as Kyokuto Sanki Co., Ltd., the capital had been increased to five million yen.
April, 1967. The second factory (present Shimada training center) was constructed.
February, 1969. The capital had been increased to 10 million yen.
January, 1971. Specialized floor machines "Kemipet" and "KemiAuto" are sold.
February, 1972. The first automatic pasting machine and automatic counter reel machine of at interior business field are sold.
November, 1975. The capital had been increased to 20 million yen. The five-year plan of management was started.
May, 1978. The commendation of the secretary of Small and Medium Enterprise Agency was received.
November, 1978. The capital had been increased to 30 million yen.
May, 1979. The third factory (present Kamioka factory) was constructed.
April, 1980. The specification of "Small and medium-sized enterprise rationalization model factory" is received in 1980 fiscal year.
June, 1981. The device stitched by automatic computational is developed and sold.
December, 1981. The capital had been increased to 50 million yen.
May, 1983. Computerization of catalog sales system of tools.
November, 1983. Issai factory is constructed.
February, 1984. The Tanabe invention service prize is received from the Japan invention promotion society.
April, 1985. The Director-General of the Science and Technology Agency prize is received.
April, 1986. The headquarters factory and the office are made online with the computer.
April, 1986. The capital had been increased to 70 million yen.
October, 1986. The investment is received from Osaka small and medium-sized enterprise investment promotion Ltd., and it becomes the capital 96 million yen.
May, 1987. Chairman Arata Koroyasu wins Medal with Yellow Ribbon by the contribution of the science and technology advancement development.
April, 1988. The system of the base of ten nationwide business is completed.
August, 1988. The third factory proliferation construction completion. The first factory is moved, amalgamated, and it starts as a Kamioka factory.
October, 1988. Automatic steric warehouse completion at Kamioka factory. It makes it to online with the computer.
March, 1989. The capital had been increased to 189 million yen.
December, 1989. Present corporate headquarter building completion
December, 1990. Micazuki factory completion
April, 1991. The food equipment business is begun.
October, 1991. Kyokuto electron is amalgamated, and it becomes the capital 190.75 million yen.
October, 1991. Practice the profit center approach
October, 1991. The machine boil noodle "Yudetaro" wins the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation Japanese BLAC to the OECD invention encouragement prize Corp..
March, 1993. Optical communication private network KS-NET is constructed.
April, 1993. Kamioka assembly hall is completed and the assembly department is consolidated in one place.
October, 1994. The automatic wallpaper pasting machine " Hi-G " is selected to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry selection good design commodity.
March, 1996. The capital had been increased to 415.75 million yen.
September, 1996. Kanto business place (Saitama Prefecture Kazo City) completion
March, 1998. Shimada training center (Tatsuno City) completion
September, 1998. The ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the foundation was executed.
February, 1999. The automatic operation mat manufacturing system "Super-mini line" is laborsaving machine and reduction of space award ed a grand prize in the 24th invention.
April, 1999. Curtain wave processing machine "Parmanentofinisshar" selects it to a noteworthy invention.
May, 1999. ISO9001 authorization acquisition
December, 1999. The magazine marking the 50th anniversary of the foundation "Ayumi of 50 years" is published.
May, 2000. "JCS network" start by the Internet
April, 2003. The high frequency thawing device, rapid-freeze device, and the electrical jiao-zi cook machine sell.
April, 2004. The precision machine assembly plant (ISO class eight equivalent clean room) is completed in Issai factory.
November, 2004. The handling of photovoltaic generation system for the house " SUNVISTA " is begun.
April, 2005. Arata Koroyasu chairman dies.

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