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Company Profile
Create the rich life space and comfortable working environments
Message of President
President  Masaki KoroyasuOur company established as a manufacturer of the manufacturing equipment of the most deeply related the tatami to Japan Housing in 1948. Since consistently, "Labor saving and automation of the work that the workman has done by the hand" is assumed to be a concept, and it tries to develop original goods by connected examples of traditional craftsmanship and the business manufacturing equipment of the tatami and the sliding door, the interior construction labor saving equipment, the curtain sewing equipment, furthermore, development, manufacturing, sales, and the business of the food equipment has been expanded.
Not to mention machine and electricity, the overall the comprehensive technical capabilities that reaches electronics and computer, and the development capacity that promptly outworks the product users' needs are gotten great reviews in related business circles and local business circles.
It wants to contribute to the industrial world and the local society and to be coming in the future, as Kyokuto of the technology and as two pillars "Rich the living space making" and "Comfortable working environments making" by the offer of the unique goods with which the customer can be pleased.
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Company policy and Management philosophy
<Company policy>
  • Self-culture
  • Originality and device
  • Harmony among people
<Management philosophy>
  • We contribute to society for a customer through industry by supplying a product bringing prosperity and joy.
  • We make a place of work which can show ability for all employees enough and plan happiness and prosperity of whole family.
  • We always practice the corporate strategy that was ahead of the times, and continue with development of eternity of a company for a community and us.
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About Company
Kyokuto-sanki Head Office
Establishment Oct.1948
Capital 415,750,000 yen
President Masaki Koroyasu
Office Head Office 190 Higai Tatsuno-cho Tatsuno-City,Hyogo,679-4195 Japan
Tokyo Office 4-8-4 Koutoubashi Sumida-ku Tokyo Japan
Kanto Office 1-3-1 Ookuwa Kazo-city Saitama-ken Japan
Branches Sapporo,Miyagi,Saitama,Tokyo,Yokohama,Nagoya,
Osaka,Hyogo,Hakata(9 Branches)
Factories 5 Factories
Number of Employees 250 (Apr.2007)
Activities Designing ,manufacturing and selling
labor-saving machines for interior finish works
manufacturing machines of TATAMI and FUSUMA
special machines for various industries
various electric machinery and devices
Selling and developing
various computers and related software
Proceeds FY 2008 5.5 bil. yen

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chairperson Chizuko Koroyasu
President Masaki Koroyasu
managing director Satoshi Nishikawa
managing director Kazuhisa Mizuta
director Ryouichi Maekawa
director Masatoshi Sotani
inspector Nobusuke Takeuchi

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Office 73banchi 4chome Higashinobusue Himeji-city Hyogo 670-0965 Japan
Establishment May.1967
Capital 64,000,000 yen
Activities Designing ,manufacturing and developing in the fields of machinery ,electricity and electronics

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